1. Can I have more than one account?
No, each participant has the right to register 1 account.

2. I want to change the password, how to do it?
In the settings tab in the personal account of the investor.

3. Will my data not be transferred to third parties, or intercepted by intruders?
We use the best SSL encryption and guarantee complete protection of investor data. We do not transfer personal account information to third parties.

4. Forgot your password, can I access it?
Yes, through the password recovery form on the Login page.

Invest\Withdraw funds

1. What are the rules for withdrawing money?
The time limit is 48 hours from the moment of application creation. As a rule, applications go much faster.

2. What payment systems does the site use?
PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin.

3. The minimum amount to enter
10$, 0.001 BTC, rate 11000$ for 1 BTC.

4. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
0.1$, 0.0003 BTC, rate 11000$ for 1 BTC.

5. After replenishment, the deposit did not open, and the transaction status was pending. What to do?
For a quick solution to the problem, immediately write to the technical support service.


1. What are the conditions for investment in the project?
Information can be studied in the investment section.

2. How many deposits can I have in the project?
There are no restrictions on the number of contributions in the project.

3. I can make a contribution with balance
Yes, it can be done. And your upline will receive a referral reward.

referral program

1. What is the percentage of reward from the contribution of a partner
3% of the partner’s investment.

2. Can I change the upline?
No, you cannot change the upline.

3. Where is the referral link?
In the investor’s office, section ref. program